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Emmanuel Oyelakin

Founding President


Marketing / PR: Client Interview


Published on: Oct 2, 2019


Welcome to the HEARO ROUNDTABLE.  Episode  1 


1) Give us a short and sweet profile background of yourself.

Emmanuel Oyelakin is a Business Technology Development Professional with extensive experience in Banking and Technology spanning over 12 years. A firm believer in the potentials Africa possesses and opportunities therein, he is passionate about seeing the African youth rise up to bring about development on the continent and on the global stage while strategically driving the narrative straight from an African perspective.

His passion and commitment towards gaming and esports in Nigeria saw him recently elected as the Founding President of Esports Nigeria. He also serves as executive member of the committee for the Africa Esports Championship as well as the board of the World Esports Consortium (WeSCO) as member, African Advisory Board.

2) Tell us a little about your company and its vision.

I wear 4 hats on different levels. I founded League of Extraordinary Gamers in 2016 and had it incorporated in 2017. There was the need to have a platform to bring gamers together so they can test their skills against one another and get rewarded while at it. This has led to so many tournament organizers sprouting. Sometime in 2017, the efforts of LXG was recognized by Paris, France-based Toornament, which officially endorsed LXG as an official tournament partner, the first and only such endorsement in Nigeria and just about the 3rd of such in Africa.

I am also president of Esports Nigeria, a non-profit looking to use esports as a tool to tackle socio-economic issues in Nigeria. Engaging our youth with esports and helping them to make a living from their passion is sure to benefit the individual first, then their families, next is their community and then the nation as a whole. We also want to use esports to bring glory to our fatherland like we have always done with traditional sports.

Next is my involvement with Esports Africa, a continental body raising the profile of esports across Africa. The Africa Esports Championship currently has about 30 countries signed up to be a part and we see the story of Africa being heard around the esports world. I serve as an executive committee member, the highest ranking decision making body of the federation.

Last but definitely not the least, I am an executive member of the Africa Advisory Committee for the World Esports Consortium (WeSCO). 

3) Who are your clients and/or targeted demographic today? How large is the community? 

Young, tech-savvy, upwardly mobile individuals, casual, hardcore and pro gamers for LXG Esports. Grassroots primarily and then everyone else for Esports Nigeria, other stakeholders like brands and media houses inclusive.

4) What are the three top challenges you see in the industry you are in today?

Top 3 challenges include 

  1. Funding (sponsorship)
  2. Cost of equipment
  3. Stigma associated with gaming

5) How are you addressing them?

  1. For now, esports events are being self-funded out of pocket with no profits. 
  2. We buy fairly used gaming equipment due to high cost of purchasing new ones which we really prefer. 
  3. We are working to educate the public on the benefits and potentials of gaming. We have seen humongous industries grow out of nothing in the music. Movie, comedy and fashion industries in Nigeria and esports and gaming as another big arm of entertainment stands to rival these industries. 

6) Why did you choose Hearo.Live?

Pretty simple. It’s the best app for connecting friends to live events we have seen out there

7) How do you see your company using Hearo.Live to address the problems you have identified, in addition, or, in combination to the solution(s) your company is already providing.

  1. We can generate some much-needed revenue from Hearo.Live using the CTA feature.
  2. We can get more people to believe in esports with the level of traction we will be able to achieve using Hearo.Live.

8) In your own view, how different do you think Hearo.Live is as compared to other similar platforms in the market today?

Hearo.Live is different way, way different. It carries streams and at the same time, allows friends to share the excitement of enjoying an event together.

9) How do you think the space will evolve from a consumer / mass market level? What about from a pure business / industry growth standpoint?

There definitely will be an evolution. There has to be a feature for video where people can connect to see each other online, real time and be able to play games together. This will definitely help the solution become a video conferencing app gamers and non-gamers alike can use. This helps with different use cases.

10) Word of advice for industry professional and those who are interested to enter the game.

Esports hasn’t hit its peak yet and so this is the time to get in the game.

We thank Esports Nigeria and Mr Emmanuel Oyelakin for doing this insightful interview with us. Please check out their website and learn more about the cool things they do! 

You can also keep yourself up-to-date by subscribing to their Discord Channel or check-in regularly on their official Hearo.Live channel 


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